Welcome to the website for Southwold Model Yacht Regattas, or SMYR.

2024 regatta dates are now confirmed! Please see the table below for the dates of all regattas, which take place between Monday 27th May and Wednesday 21st August 2024.

The 2023 season saw superb sailing conditions and good numbers of sailors who competed in very exciting races. Thank you to all the organisers and competitors (and spectators!) who helped to make it such a memorable season. The list of prize-winners can be found below.

2023 marked the end of Hugh Williamson’s stint as Commodore. He has steered SMYR through some very difficult years, particularly regarding problems of water levels in the pond, overseeing a campaign to dredge the pond and refurbish the water pipe running from the sea. Records indicate he won the Beach Yawl Salver with Tourmaline in his first year as Commodore, a feat he repeated in his last year – a fitting achievement in a stewardship of many achievements, for which SMYR owes huge thanks.

We are extremely grateful to Mike Wells for his taking on the role of Commodore, and look forward to many prosperous years of sailing under his supervision! 

Here is a list of all the prize winners for 2023. Whether this was your first season sailing in SMYR or you are a veteran of many campaigns we look forward to seeing you again next year!

May Cup: 1. Pike – C. Williamson; 2. Scribble – H. Watson

Pout Cup: 1. Mango – K. Watson; 2. Thames – C. Boult

Family Relay Race: 1. Sealarks; 2. The Gibsons

Quincentenary Salver (for Beach Yawls): 1. Tourmaline – H. Williamson; 2. Swallow – C. Boult

De Lacroix Rose Bowl (for Homemade Boats): 1. Muffin – I. Dunmore; 2. Molly – M. Wells

Sole Bay Bell (for boats of 32″ to 36″): 1. Lancashire Witch – N. Williamson; 2. Vexatious – I. Dunmore

Golden Jubilee Cup (for adult sailors): 1. Loki – A. Tracy; 2. This One – M. Wells

Cripps Cup (for ‘Beat and Run’): 1. Bala – E. Boult; 2. Toga – A. Tracy

Collett Cup (for Veteran Yachts): 1. Ghost – I. Dunmore; 2. Ali Baba – A. Tracy

St. Edmund’s Challenge Cup (for Burgee winners of 2022): 1. Neo – A. Tracy; 2. Felony – V. Watson

Nigel Boat Trophy (for New Boats): 1. Miss Marple; 2. Earl King

Class A Championship: 1. Felony – S. Osmer; 2. That One – M. Wells

Class B Championship: 1. Alpha – A Wicks; 2. Midget – Z. Knight

Class C Championship: 1. Little Toot – H. Howells; 2. Seagull – A. Goldsmith

Daphnia Cup: Lightning

Walter Grint Trophy: Bubble

Burgee Winners (for 3 or more firsts in a season): Argon, Greystoke, Jo, Loki, Maria, Morgiana, Uhuru, Waterwitch, White Rabbit, Widget

Do keep in touch with us throughout the winter – click on the contact us page above to send us a message, or find us on social media: Facebook @southwoldmodelyachtregattas and Twitter @southwoldmyr 

Monday 27 May 2:00pm Spring Regatta all entries taken at the pond on the day – including the May Cup and Norwich and Peterborough trophies for B and C Class (sailors aged 16 and under)
Wednesday 24 July 2:00pm Pick-Up Regatta all entries taken at the pond on the day
Saturday 27 July 2:00pm First Regatta – including the Pout Cup (classes B and C)
Tuesday 30 July 1:00pm Second Regatta – including the Family Relay Race, and the Quincentenary Salver for Beach Yawls
Saturday 3 August 10:30am and 2pm Cups Regatta  Golden Jubilee Cup for adult sailors, De Lacroix Rosebowl for homemade boats, Sole Bay Bell for boats 32” to 36”, Cripps Cup for ‘Beat and Run’
    6:30pm Annual General Meeting – venue to be announced 
Wednesday 7 August 1:00pm Third Regatta – including the Collett Cup for Veteran Yachts, and the St Edmund’s Cup for Burgee winners of the previous season 
Tuesday 13 August 10:15am Fourth Regatta
    2:00pm Annual Regatta: Nigel Boult trophy for new boats, Class A, B and C Championships, Waveney Shield, Commodore’s Invitation Race
Wednesday 21 August 2:00pm Final Regatta – an informal regatta to round off the season. All entries taken at the pond on the day.

General information:

Model yachts have been sailed competitively in Southwold for well over 100 years. It is tremendous fun, easy to get the hang of, and something all ages and abilities can enjoy.

Only hand-adjusted sailing boats are allowed (no radio controls or motors) of hull length 15 to 36 inches inclusive.

Regattas take place at the boating lake north of the pier, next to the tea room.

There is no membership requirement, and we are always keen to welcome new sailors. If you have never sailed before, you can borrow a boat from the club. 

All regattas except the Cups Regatta involve boats of every kind and sailors of any age and experience – so anyone can have a go. A handicapping system is used which ensures everyone, even a total beginner, has a very good chance of prizes. 

Throughout the season there are various cups and trophies aimed at specific types of boat or sailor age-group. The categories are set out in the table above, and more detailed information can be found on the Current Season page, or contact us with any queries.

If you want to sail, do contact us in advance of regatta days to be sure of booking a boat – and it is then advisable to have a practice with your boat for a good 20 or 30 minutes before the start.

You can also find us on Facebook @southwoldmodelyachtregattas and Twitter @southwoldmyr 

See you at ‘the pond’!