Welcome to the website for Southwold Model Yacht Regattas, or SMYR. 

Here you will find a wealth of information about this time-honoured Southwold tradition, including upcoming Regatta dates, information about different types of boat, and how to get involved.

2018 DATES:

The 2018 season is now underway! A quick table of dates is listed below. A comprehensive list of all details of each regatta can be found on the Current Season page.

ENTRIES: Please note most regattas require entries a day or two in advance to the addresses below – please provide name of boat, length of boat, rig, and name of sailor. There is a charge of £1 per boat per day. If you are unable to make entries in person feel free to email us via the contact us page.

1st regatta – entries by Friday 27th July midday to Jim Blythe, 28 Oaklands, Covert Road, Reydon

2nd Regatta – entries by Monday 30th July midday to Richard Twallin, 5 North Parade, Southwold

Cups Regatta – entries by Friday 3rd August midday to Simon Osmer, 5 Dunwich Road, Southwold

3rd Regatta – entries by Tuesday 7th August to Anne Tracy, 5 North Parade, Southwold

4th and Annual Regatta – entries by Monday August 13th to Hugh Williamson, 7 Chester Road, Southwold

Final Regatta – entries taken at the pond on the day

More information:

All our regattas take place at the boating lake just to the north of the pier.

Model yacht sailing has been taking place in Southwold for well over 100 years. It is a tremendously fun and absorbing activity which is very easy to get the hang of, and people of all ages and abilities can join in. Anyone is welcome to come and have a go at sailing – we can even lend you a boat for the day and show you what to do.

The 2018 season dates can be found in the table below. They follow the same rough pattern each year. If you click on the Current Season page you can see more information about the individual regatta days and which sailors and boats are eligible for all the different trophies. Also visit the About Page to learn more about sailing in general and sailing rules. Don’t be put off if things seem complicated – once you’ve got your hands wet and sailed a couple of lengths its really very simple, and very addictive!

If you have any questions or are keen to get involved, please contact the Commodore, Hugh Williamson, on 01502 722 319, or the Secretary, Anne Tracy, on 0131 552 7615 (or 01502 724 146 during regatta season) or email: annemtracy@aol.com. Alternatively, visit the Contact Us page for postal addresses and an email contact form.

See you at ‘The Pond’!

2018 Regatta Dates
Monday 28 May 2:00pm Spring Regatta all entries taken on the day – including the May Cup and Norwich and Peterborough trophies for B and C Class
Wednesday 25 July 2:00pm Pick-Up Regatta all entries taken on the day
Saturday 28 July 2:00pm First Regatta entries taken in advance – including the Pout Cup
Tuesday 31  July 1:00pm Second Regatta entries taken in advance – including the Family Relay Race, and the Quincentenary Salver for Beach Yawls
Saturday 4 August 10:30am and 2pm Cups Regatta  entries taken in advance Golden Jubilee Cup for adult sailors, De Lacroix Rosebowl for homemade boats, Sole Bay Bell for boats 32” to 36”, Cripps Cup for ‘Beat and Run’
    6:30pm Annual General Meeting (venue to be announced at the pond)
Wednesday 8 August 1:00pm Third Regattaentries taken in advance –including the Collett Cup for Veteran Yachts, and the St Edmund’s Cup for Burgee winners of 2015
Tuesday 14 August 10:15am Fourth Regatta  entries taken in advance
    2:00pm Annual Regatta: Nigel Boult trophy for new boats, Class A, B and C Championships, Waveney Shield, Commodore’s Invitation Race
Wednesday 22 August 2:00pm Final Regatta entries taken on the day