2.1 Membership. Membership is open to all sailors, but only those aged 16 or over will be recorded as Members.

2.2 Committee. The SMYR shall be administered by a committee consisting of the Commodore and between six and eight other members. All shall be elected annually. Not less than two committee members shall normally reside in Suffolk.

  • The committee shall meet not less than twice each year, with one of these meetings being in Southwold in the summer.
  • From their number, the committee shall appoint an Honorary Secretary and an Honorary Treasurer.
  • The Committee shall be empowered to appoint a President from the membership.

2.3 General Meetings. A General meeting shall be held annually, after giving 21 days advance notice in writing, between 1st January and 31st August:

  • to elect the commodore and committee
  • to consider the accounts for the preceding year,
  • to arrange the programme and conduct of the regattas
  • and to debate any other business or resolution brought to the meeting by any member.

2.4 Special General Meeting. A Special Meeting shall be called, giving 21 days advanced notice in writing to all members, if requested by ten members.

2.5 Rules. Alterations to the Constitution, the Sailing Rules or the Regatta Rules may only be made on the recommendation of the committee at a General Meeting. Changes or additions shall be notified to members at least 21 days in advance. Implementation will require a two-thirds majority of those present and voting. The committee may, however, introduce a change as a temporary experiment.

2.6 Dissolution. In the event that SMYR is dissolved following a formal resolution put to a General Meeting and passed by the necessary two-thirds majority, the surplus assets and funds shall be distributed to recreational charities in Southwold as determined by the committee.