ALL 2016 SEASON NEWS POSTED HERE – now the summer season is in full swing this page will be regularly updated with information on all regattas.

The next and LAST regatta of the 2016 season is the Final Regatta on Wednesday 24th August, starting at 2pm.

This is a ‘pick-up’ regatta which means there are no advance entries – just turn up on the day. However if you want to borrow one of the club boats (which are available to anyone who wants to have a go, on a first come first served basis) please arrive around 1:30pm so you can have a practice and get the hang of things.

Entry fees are £1 per boat per day – please bring entry money to the pond before racing starts. Thank you.


All seasons results will appear here shortly.

2nd Regatta: Well, if we thought the 1st regatta was tough, this was just something else! Extremely light and constantly shifting wind direction (not to mention constant showers) made sailing very taxing, with boats resorting to extremely unorthodox settings to try and make some way across the pond. Even the most experienced sailors were left scratching their heads, so well done to everyone and especially race winners. A huge thanks to Commodore of the Day Mr. Richard Twallin for keeping patience and completing the day’s programme. The following were race winners: YoYo, Bubble, Muskoka, Noddy, Whisper, Hurricane, Peach, Bala (x2), Strata, Dart, Snorri, Flying Dove, Whisper, Q, Isis, Hi-Jumpa, Assynt, Minsmere. Some excellent sailing by beach yawls was particularly impressive given the conditions, with a win for Sea Fever in the yawls and schooners class.

Once again the light winds meant the Beach Yawl Salver was postponed until Saturday’s Cups Regatta, and the Family Relay Race for next week’s 3rd Regatta.

1st Regatta was sailed on Saturday 30th July. The wind was light and not entirely easy to negotiate – thanks to Mr Jim Blythe who organised the regatta, and congratulations to the following boats who won their races: Maria, Bubble, Russ, Lightning, Alpha (x2), Mole, Brigand, Saggitrousers, Dopey, Ozymandias (x2), Grey Gull, Kingfisher, Snorri, Brent, Jolly Roger, Dart, Isis, Strata, Sea Fever, Blyth, Bala.

The Pout Cup will be contested at a later date as light winds made the conditions unsuitable.

Pick-up Regatta: Summer racing got underway with an informal Pick-up regatta on Wednesday 27th July. Conditions were tricky, with changeable wind and scattered showers, so well done to all sailors. Results as follows:


Class C – 1st Little Toot, 2nd Lightning; Class B – 1st Thames, 2nd Orwell; Class A – 1st Minsmere, 2nd Rosalie.

Race winners: Class C: Runaway (x2 ), Brooke, Brent, Lightning, Little Toot (x2), Dart, Jolly Roger, Daisy.

Class B: Thames, Alpha (x2), Mole

Class A: Saggitrousers, Brigand


May Regatta: The 2016 season started with the May Regatta, on Bank Holiday Monday 30th May at 2pm. Conditions were dry (just!) with a strong NW breeze which made for lively sailing conditions. The regatta was splendidly organised by Mr Jim Blythe, to whom goes our thanks and appreciation.

25 boats were sailed in all, each boat sailing in two races each with a ‘Point-to-Point’ at the start of the regatta. The May Cup, and Norwich and Peterborough Trophies were also contested. Results were as follows:

May Cup: 1st Yo-Yo, sailed by E. Mainwaring, 2nd Pike.

The Norwich and Peterborough C Class: 1st Pike, E. Mainwaring; 2nd Jolly Roger, A. Tate.

The Norwich and Peterborough B Class: 1st Mango, W. Courage; 2nd Kikamaroo, C. Lankshear.

Class C race winnersRus and Lightning, sailed by K. Watson; Pike, E. Mainwaring; Flying Dove, A. Mainwaring; Jolly Roger, A. Tate.

Class B race winnersMango, sailed by W. Courage (two wins)

Class A race winners: Saggitrousers, sailed by J. Blythe; Waterwitch, N. Williamson; Strata, H. Williamson; Moonshadow, I. Dunmore

The prizes were kindly presented by Prof. David Lankshear, who was thanked in the traditional SMYR fashion: three rousing cheers!


Here is a breakdown of each Regatta day for the whole season, including specific Cups or Championships:

May Regatta (Monday May 30th 2016, 2pm): all entries taken at the pond on the day. A series of regular races (two lengths of the pond), followed by the May Cup: for younger sailors, in which their true ‘seamanship’ is tested by being asked to sail a different boat to the one they have practiced with!

Pick-up Regatta (Wednesday 27th July 2016, 2pm): An informal regatta to ‘find your sea legs’, and get your boats dusted off and running smoothly again after the winter. A programme of regular races (two per boat), probably with a point to point (when you have to try and sail in-between flags at the other end of the pond) – all entries are taken at the pond on the day, but please arrive at least 30 minutes in advance…

First Regatta (Saturday 30th July 2016, 2pm): entries taken in advance (time and place tbc…) A programme of regular races (two races per boat), followed by the Pout Cup, for sailors of 16 and under, comprising of a modified ‘point to point’ course in which each boat has to sail to each bank before returning to the start bank.

Second Regatta (Tuesday 2nd August 2016, 1pm): entries taken in advance. A regular programme of races followed by the Family Relay Race, in which 4 boats of the same ‘fleet’ (aka owned by the same family) sail one leg each, as well as the Quincentenary Salver for Beach Yawls, which is for sailors of any age but only sailing a Beach Yawls (which is a rather unusual East Anglian rig of boat).

Cups Regatta (Saturday 6th August 2016, 10:30am): An all day regatta with entries taken in advance. In the morning, the Golden Jubilee Cup for adult sailors (aged 16 and over) – a knockout competition with heats, semi finals and final, in which adults can sail any boat, large or small; The Sole Bay Bell for large boats (hull length of 32 to 36 inches); The De Lacroix RoseBowl for homemade boats – any size boat or age sailor but the boat must be completely homemade and sailed by the builder or by a child of the builder during the builder’s lifetime. In the afternoon, the Cripps Cup for ‘Beat and Run’ – a rather complicated race in which boats have to tack ‘to windward’ (into the wind), pass around a buoy, before returning back between two flags, but still only using manual setting of the sails…! This cup is open to sailors of any age, but boats of 24 inches and over only.

Third Regatta (Wednesday 10th August 2016, 1pm): entries taken in advance. A regular programme of races (2 per boat) followed by the Collett Cup for Veteran Yachts (sailors of any age, but only boats built before 1957) and the St Edmund’s Cup, which is only for boats who received a burgee in the previous season. Anyone can sail a qualified boat, even if they did not sail it the previous season.

Fourth and Annual Regattas (Tuesday 16th August 2016, 10:15am): entries taken in advance. Another all day affair – in the morning, a regular programme of races. In the afternoon, the Championships, for each of A, B and C boat classes – according to age of sailor and length of boat, as follows: Class A: boats of 27-36 inches, sailors of any age; Class B: boats of 21-26 inches, sailors of 18 or under; Class C: boats of 15-20 inches, sailors of 13 and under. Boats must qualify for the Annual Championships by coming first in a regular race during the current season. The Championships are then contested by qualifiers through knockout heats and 4-lap final. Also this afternoon are sailed the Nigel Boult Trophy for new boats (any age sailor and any type of boat, provided it is sailing in its first season), the Waveney Shield for sailors 16 and under sailing Class B and C boats which have won a burgee in the previous season, and the Commodore’s Invitation Race, in which local Town and District Councillors and other local dignitaries are invited to race each other, assisted by children. This culminates in the awarding of the prizes and all cups and trophies, presented by our distinguished guests.

Final regatta (Wednesday 24th August 2016, 2pm): an informal pick-up regatta to round off the season, with entries just taken at the pond on the day.