Dates for 2018 have now been confirmed. Sailing begins with the Spring Regatta on the last May Bank Holiday Monday, and then continues in late July, running through until late August. Here is a breakdown of the whole season’s events with 2018 dates, including who can sail for which Cups and Championships:

May Regatta (Late May Bank Holiday, Monday 28th May 2018 2pm): all entries taken at the pond on the day. A series of regular races (two lengths of the pond), followed by the May Cup: for younger sailors – in which their true ‘seamanship’ is tested by being asked to sail a different boat to the one they have practiced with! – as well as the Norwich & Peterborough Trophies, also for B and C Class.

Pick-up Regatta (Wednesday 25th July 2018, 2pm): Another informal regatta to ‘find your sea legs’, and get your boats dusted off and running smoothly again after the winter. A programme of regular races (two per boat), probably with a point to point (when you have to try and sail in-between flags at the other end of the pond) – all entries are taken at the pond on the day, but please arrive at least 30 minutes in advance.

First Regatta (Saturday 28th July 2018, 2pm): entries taken in advance (time and place tbc – watch this page for details of how to enter for each regatta as we move through the season…) A programme of regular races (two races per boat), followed by the Pout Cup, for sailors of 16 and under, comprising of a modified ‘point to point’ course in which each boat has to sail to each bank before returning to the start bank.

Second Regatta (Tuesday 31st July 2018, 1pm): entries taken in advance – please see above for details. A regular programme of races followed by the Family Relay Race, in which 4 boats of the same ‘fleet’ (aka owned by the same family) sail one leg each, as well as the Quincentenary Salver for Beach Yawls, which is for sailors of any age but only sailing a Beach Yawls (which is a rather unusual East Anglian rig of boat).

Cups Regatta (Saturday 4th August 2018, 10:30am and 2pm): An all day regatta with entries taken in advance. In the morning, the Golden Jubilee Cup for adult sailors (aged 16 and over) – a knockout competition with heats, semi finals and final, in which adults can sail any boat, large or small; The Sole Bay Bell for large boats (hull length of 32 to 36 inches); The De Lacroix RoseBowl for homemade boats – any size boat or age sailor but the boat must be completely homemade and sailed by the builder or by a child of the builder during the builder’s lifetime. In the afternoon, the Cripps Cup for ‘Beat and Run’ – a rather complicated race in which boats have to tack ‘to windward’ (into the wind), pass around a buoy, before returning back between two flags, but still only using manual setting of the sails…! This cup is open to sailors of any age, but boats of 24 inches and over only.

Third Regatta (Wednesday 8th August 2018, 1pm): entries taken in advance. A regular programme of races (2 per boat) followed by the Collett Cup for Veteran Yachts (sailors of any age, but only boats built before 1957) and the St Edmund’s Cup, which is only for boats who received a burgee in the previous season. Anyone can sail a qualified boat, even if they did not sail it the previous season.

Fourth and Annual Regattas (Tuesday 14th August 2018, 10:15am and 2pm): entries taken in advance. Another all day affair – in the morning, a regular programme of races. In the afternoon, the Championships, for each of A, B and C boat classes – according to age of sailor and length of boat, as follows: Class A: boats of 27-36 inches, sailors of any age; Class B: boats of 21-26 inches, sailors of 18 or under; Class C: boats of 15-20 inches, sailors of 13 and under. Boats must qualify for the Annual Championships by coming first in a regular race during the current season. The Championships are then contested by qualifiers through knockout heats and 4-lap final. Also this afternoon are sailed the Nigel Boult Trophy for new boats (any age sailor and any type of boat, provided it is sailing in its first season), the Waveney Shield for sailors 16 and under sailing Class B and C boats which have won a burgee in the previous season, and the Commodore’s Invitation Race, in which local Town and District Councillors and other local dignitaries are invited to race each other, assisted by children. This culminates in the awarding of the prizes and all cups and trophies, presented by our distinguished guests.

Final regatta (Wednesday 22nd August 2018, 2pm): an informal pick-up regatta to round off the season, with entries just taken at the pond on the day.


No sailing was possible in 2017 due to the lack of water in the pond. See the homepage for recent updates on this situation.

2016 season Secretary’s Report:

‘2016 was a very enjoyable season but greatly affected by the dry conditions. Over the last few years the water level in the pond has been topped up to enable sailing but this has always been a very expensive exercise, funded variously by ourselves, donations, the Environment Agency and of course our lease-holder David Ball. Now that the ownership of the lease for the whole boating lake area has been transferred to Southwold Town Council, we are all hoping a permanent solution will be found and the fact that the boating lake was completely dry by the end of the regatta season and the yacht pond half empty, has focussed the minds of many local people. A scheme to refurbish the pipe to the sea is now under consideration and although likely to be expensive, will benefit SMYR greatly.

Many of the modern boats with deeper keels were unable to sail this season and there were also some days when the wind was very slight. The unpredictability enabled some of the old boats to come into their own again and made for some exciting sailing. Competition as ever was fierce and on regatta days we attracted a good number of new casual sailors who enjoyed an introduction to model yachting.

Thank you to all those who organize and run regattas, Jim Blythe who provides and distributes prizes, Katherine Goldsmith who paints burgees, Ian Dunmore who lends out and maintains club boats and the families who lend boats.’

2016 Results:

Pout Cup for ‘modified Beat and Run’ for Class B and Class C: 1st Alpha, Z. Knight; 2nd Snorri, T. Meldrum

Collett Cup for Veteran Yachts: 1st Ghost, I. Dunmore; 2nd Ali Baba, A. Tracy

Golden Jubilee Cup for Adult Sailors: 1st Seagull, A. Tracy; 2nd Peach, C. McLoughlin

De Lacroix Rosebowl for Home Made boats: 1st Seagull, R. Twallin; 2nd Fenix, I. Dunmore

Quincentenary Salver for Beach Yawls: 1st Red Herring, T. Meldrum; 2nd Sea Fever, K. Meldrum

Cripps Cup for ‘Beat and Run’: 1st Blyth, E. Boult; 2nd Strata, H. Williamson

Sole Bay Bell for boats over 32″: 1st Lancashire Witch, H. Williamson; 2nd Slush, J. Blythe

St Edmund’s Challenge Cup for burgee winners of 2015: 1st Flying Dove, I. Webster; 2nd Ozymandias, K. Meldrum

Nigel Boult trophy for new boats: 1st Wayward Weasel, I. Dunmore; 2nd Emerald Star, L. Knight

Class A Championship: 1st Optimist, W. Harlett; 2nd Brigand, G. Earle

Class B Championship: 1st Isis, O. Webster; 2nd Alpha, Z. Knight

Class C Championship: 1st Snorri, T. Meldrum; 2nd Bubble, Z. Knight

Waveney Shield for Class B and C Sailors: 1st Isis, O. Webster; 2nd Flying Dove, A. Mainwaring

Daphnia Cup: Yo-Yo

Walter Grint Trophy: Dart

Caroline Charnaud Cup for sportsmanship: I. Webster

Burgees, awarded to boats gaining three firsts in a season:

Alpha, Bala, Brigand, Bubble, Dart, Isis, Ozymandias, Sea Fever, Snorri, Stop It, Strata, Yoyo