1.1. Model Yachts have been built and raced in Southwold for around 100 years. The Southwold Model Yacht Regattas, SMYR for short, is an informal organisation that arranges a series of races on the yacht pond in Southwold each Spring and Summer. It is supported by voluntary contributions and entry fees for races.

1.2. The model yacht pond is situated North of the pier and adjacent to the car park. It is owned by Waveney District Council and is jointly maintained by the Council and SMYR. The pond is approximately 50 metres x 50 metres.

1.3. Yachts of various Category and Class from 15 inches to 36 inches long are sailed. Although originally carved from wood, yachts moulded or formed using modern materials are permitted. However, no mechanical or radio assistance is allowed and few boats use rudders. A course is normally controlled by the set of the sails.

1.4. Races are generally two lengths of the pond, although cup races and other special races may be longer. The younger sailors are encouraged to sail the smaller yachts and races are arranged for different age groups.